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heimatec donates for the fifth time in a row

Financial support for disability facilities from
the very beginning


For five years now, the association "Leben mit Behinderung Ortenau" in Renchen has been running a residential home for people with severe physical disabilities and multiple disabilities. From the very beginning, heimatec GmbH has been committed to the local institution with larg financial contributions.


contributions. Thus heimatec is the largest single donor of the association, which maintains several care and consultation bases in the Ortenau, as Konrad Ritter, 1. chairwoman of the association, emphasized with the donation delivery at the end of December 2018.

Logo Leben mit Behinderung

For years, health and nursing insurance companies have been increasingly reducing the financial resources available for care and nursing. In order to be able to implement necessary projects, however, facilities for the disabled are urgently dependent on donations. This also applies to the association "Leben mit Behinderung Ortenau", which buys important equipment such as handicapped-accessible bicycles, finances supplementary therapies, and makes leisure trips possible.

Since its opening in 2014, heimatec has donated a total of 55,000 euros to the dormitory. heimatec is a stroke of luck for the association and the residents of the facility in Renchen, as Konrad Ritter explained. Subsidiarity, i.e. helping people to help themselves, is made possible by such exemplary sponsoring.

Self-help is actively lived also by the families concerned, as the 2. chairwoman, Mechtild Wiemann, explained, when she presented a present arranged by the parents themselves in thanks.


Association „Leben mit Behinderung Ortenau“

Self-help and solidarity were the driving forces that led to the founding of the Parents' Association in 1970 (at that time still under the name Spastiker-Verein Offenburg). Since then, the association has made it its mission to support people with physical and multiple disabilities and their relatives in word and deed.

The association operates a counselling centre in Offenburg as well as the Damasina House in Schutterwald, the Renchen dormitory and the service house in Achern-Gamshurst and a care group in the headquarters in Zeppelinstraße in Offenburg.



Download press report:

Offenburger Tageblatt / Acher-Rench-Zeitung 22.12.2018



They are happy about the donation: Home director Wolfgang Dürr (left), Konrad Ritter (3rd from left) and Mechthild Wiemann (right) with residents and carers, which was handed over by Gabriele and Kay Krieger (2nd and 3rd from right).

Photo: heimatec GmbH

Spendenübergabe Leben mit Behinderung