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For high performance and large runs -
Multi-spindle machines and high speed tools


For highly productive processing on turning centers, multi-spindle tools are today indispensable, as with them processing with multiple tools on one machine is equally as viable as multiple processing on one workpiece.

heimatec offers a wide selection of multi-spindle tools, which come in standard, as well as customer-specific configurations, in addition to internal and external coolant supply versions.





High-Speed tools from heimatec

High-speed tools come into play, if the main spindle speed of machines are too low to reach guaranteed optimum cutting speed.

The High-Speed tools from heimatec permit a ratio of up to 1:4 at 24,000 rpm. Speed reduction for torque increase are also available from heimatec.




Program of special tools

The program of individual special tools from heimatec is even more comprehensive and also includes:

  • Tools with minimum lubrication
  • Tools able to be connected to the central lubrication of the machine
  • Tools that have an air purge seal
  • Tooling units for grinding

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