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u-tec CKB

New adapter program for precision boring heads
from the specialists at heimatec


Users of precision boring heads can employ the comprehensive adaptation solutions from heimatec. Adapters from heimatec are available for all common tool sizes, which can be applied in connection with the Universal Changing System heimatec.u-tec® for highly accurate processing on machining centers.  

u-tec CKB

heimatec.u-tec® changing system for time-saving retooling

In order to enable time-saving retooling during turning, drill and milling, the heimatec.u-tec® changing system was developed. heimatec.u-tec® inserts consist of a tool holder in response to customers’ wishes and cone, corresponding to a collet chuck in accordance with DIN 6499. With the heimatec changing system, a cone was provided with a polygon at the end, which enables, that during machining operations, an enormously high force transfer can take place.

The heimatec.u-tec® changing system distinguishes itself further from a very short mounting length. The associated short design length ensures exceptionally stable clamping of the cutting tool with low cantilever forces, leading to excellent machining results as well as long tool life and thus enabling a rational, efficient and flexible machining.

Manufacturing businesses, which implement precision boring heads, can now use them with the proven heimatec.u-tec® changing system. A wide range of adapters for boring tools in sizes CKB1 to CKB5 is now available from heimatec.


Comprehensive spare part offer
from heimatec.u-tec® CKB


heimatec’s product offering holds a wide range of spare parts available for the heimatec.u-tec® CKB Changing System, such as:

  • Clamping nuts
  • Snap rings
  • Wrenches
  • Allen wrenches
  • Clamping screws


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