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heimatec power skiving

Productive gear production with heimatec.Skiving (under development)


Gear skiving, a combination of gear hobbing and gear shaping, allows teeth to be machined in the most productive and high-quality method on turning centers for volume production in the near future. heimatec.Skiving is an innovative extension to our comprehensive tool program. The particular advantage of the Power Skiving process is the high machining speed, which allows teeth to be manufactured in a highly productive way and at least three times quicker than with the typical industry standard machining processes.

New family of tools for gear production with heimatec
Power Skiving

Owing to the combination of the most modern machining technology with innovative tool designs, it is possible to implement long-established Power Skiving procedures commercially for series production.

With heimatec.Skiving, heimatec is developing a new family of tools for gear manufacturing on turning centers, which permit the manufacture of high-quality internal and external gears in the same way as oblique and straight toothings.

heimatec skiving

Efficient tool handling with the heimatec.Skiving tool program

To allow a wide range of machining capabilities, the heimatec.Skiving series tools are equipped with an angle adjustment of ± 45°. This ensures that the required working angle is continuously variable. The heimatec.Skiving tools are available with external or internal coolant supply. Efficient and user-friendly tool handling is ensured through the many available tool adapters, for example such as versions with standard collect chuck seats, heimatec.u-tec® interface, hydraulic chuck and milling arbor adapters.


Find out more from the heimatec product video!


User-friendly tool design from the heimatec.Skiving tool family

The upcoming tool program from the heimatec.Skiving series was designed to be user-friendly and distinguishes itself through the following features:

  • Maximum rigidity and concentricity
  • Different tool holders are anticipated
  • Standard collet holder
  • heimatec.u-tec® changing system
  • Milling arbor adapters
  • Cutter arbor
  • Angle adjustment of ± 45°
  • Internal and external coolant supply