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Flexible system for collet chuck holders according to DIN 6499


Efficient manufacture is made significantly easier in two ways. If machine downtimes can be reduced, the productive time thereby increases automatically. By using flexible universal tools, the tool inventory can also be reduced, and costs saved as a result. heimatec developed the flexible heimatec.u-tec® tool change system for this purpose, which is established in the market for many years, and allows machining companies to utilize different adapters for a wide variety of machining tasks.

u-tec wechselsystem


The driven heimatec.u-tec® tools are designed with a collect chuck according to DIN 6499, which allows the user to use the driven tools without additional tool adapters.

As an option, different changer inserts with standard tool change inserts such as Weldon, Kombidorn, collect chuck (including extended) or customer-specific tool change inserts can be used in the heimatec.u-tec® tools. With the heimatec.u-tec® system, a cylindrical polygon is positioned in the tool spindles behind the collect chuck cone.

This design enables huge force transfer during the machining process. The goal of the engineers was to find a sweet spot, where on one hand load steps are avoided, but on the other hand high force transmission is possible.

The tools fitted with heimatec.u-tec® are supplied with a conventional clamping nut. This must be removed before inserting the tool change inserts. The heimatec.u-tec® tool change inserts also have a cylindrical polygon after the collet chuck cone and are supplied as a unit with an integrated clamping nut. The tool change inserts can therefore be inserted directly into the standard u-tec® tool.


Operating principle of the u-tec® Changing System


When doing so, slight turning of the polygon of the tool change insert allows it to locate the tool spindle polygon. There is no chance of incorrect operation, because the clamping nut of the tool change inserts can only be screwed in after the polygons are located correctly. Finally, the clamping nut is tightened in the tool spindle with the appropriate torque for the size.

The special feature of the heimatec.u-tec® change system is the significant improvement to torque transmission while at the same time the strength and stiffness of the complete tool system is increased. The short mounting length is another special feature of heimatec.u-tec®.

The associated short design length ensures exceptionally stable clamping of the cutting tool with low cantilever forces, leading to excellent machining results and a long service life of the cutters.

The preference for BMT tools with the heimatec.u-tec® system are the driven tools with a so-called combined bearing, fitted with tapered roller and spindle bearings. Tapered bearings are able to transmit extremely high radial and axial forces. This bearing combination reduces the total heat generation compared with tools only fitted with tapered bearings. The service life is also substantially improved compared with tools which only have spindle bearings.

Watch how a tool change works step-by-step with heimatec.u-tec®:


Comprehensive replacement part offer from heimatec.u-tec®

heimatec’s product offering holds a wide range of spare parts available for the Changing System, such as:

  • Clamping nuts
  • Snap rings
  • Wrenches
  • Allen wrenches
  • Clamping screws

You can download our product group catalogue heimatec.u-tec®,
with all product variations and our range of accessories, here as a PDF file!