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heimatec gear hobbing

High precision manufacture of toothing on turning machines with heimatec.Hobbing


The demands for the production of gears are huge. Connectors and gear wheels, for example, in businesses are safety-related parts and their manufacture demands the greatest precision. Using the steplessly adjustable, driven tooling unit from heimatec, toothing can be produced with the machining center with the greatest possible precision, maximum rigidity, retooling expenses and minimum operating costs.

Continuous manufacturing with the turning machine

With shaft-hub connections or gear teeth, industry needs and produces toothings of all kinds and in large quantities. In order to use machining centers as manufacturing systems optimally and thereby reduce the retooling and setup times, heimatec equips you with additional tools.

You can request that heimatec tooling units be provided with gear cutters, so that directly upon the tool revolver and/or the milling spindle of a turning machine, the “gear cutting” processing, the so-called Gear Hobbing can be carried out. An additional Gear Hobbing machine is unnecessary and the classic manufacturing process of impacting or milling may be dispensed with.

Cutting tools in the tooling unit are steplessly adjustable up to 360° - according to machine factors and gear geometry. In the designing of toothing, straight and oblique toothings, as well as worm shafts are possible. High stability and rigidity and thereby minimum vibration behavior are ensured and guarantee the highest possible precision and finish quality.


Inform you in our application video:







Further characteristics of the gear cutters from heimatec:

  • The tooling units are also available in slimline versions 2:1 or 3:1, whereby the torque is increased
  • Toothing can be produced up to module 3 in the machining center
  • Quality of toothing is possible from IT-6 to IT-10 - dependent on module, machine factors, materials and the cutting tool