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Process monitoring with
heimatec’s digital tool program


In order to achieve a higher productivity in the manufacturing process, critical tool parameters must be controlled and checked. Digitalization now also enables process optimization with driven tools. In this way, with heimatec.icosen®, tool parameters, such as rotational speed, temperatureand/or vibrations can be recorded and relayed to a monitoring station. 

In the context of digital tool management, it is reviewed when the next servicing is required and which measures must be taken for it. Likewise, the information can be used to optimize the manufacturing process. heimatec.icosen® is the foundation stone in a digital concept with a holistic approach. Further solutions are already in development and shall complete our digital tool management concept step by step.


Sensors are integrated into the driven tools from heimatec

Whether static or driven - tools were until now even in the most modern turning and machining centers exclusively mechanical components. The trend towards digitization is, however, unavoidable in this respect and with the innovation of heimatec.icosen®, this digital tool management is now becoming a reality.

With the sensor unit, which are integrated into heimatec tools, differing tool parameters, such as operating period, rotational speed, temperature and/or vibrations can be recorded.

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Tool data is transmitted to the monitoring station via Bluetooth

The transmitted data is relayed according to a defined time unit via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the monitoring station and can then be used for evaluation and maintenance activities. 

From the implementation of some monitoring software, tools equipped with heimatec.icosen® can be monitored and thereby maintenance cycles can be administered.


Digital tool management concept with holistic application

The digital tool management concept of heimatec.icosen® allows holistic application and includes the following performance milestones:

  • Wireless data capture with the tool’s sensor
    • On/off switching cycles
    • Operating period
    • Rotational speed
    • Temperature
  • Data transfer
    • Bluetooth data transfer using the heimatec customer software
    • Optional data transfer via Gateway 
    • on the machine controller
    • or via WiFi
  • Data evaluation
    • Tool, operational period analysis
    • Continuous production monitoring
    • Transparent service intervals can be planned
    • Downtimes and mechanical damage can be avoided 

The newly-developed sensor unit for heimatec.icosen® tool units is currently still undergoing field tests.