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heimatec fly cutting

Fastest gear production in industrial series manufacturing
from the heimatec.FlyCutting


Fly Cutting is the manufacturing process, that is particularly suited to large series in quantities of 1 million or more, possibly in the automotive supply and electronics industry. Fly Cutting is well-known for some time on machining centers and is successfully implemented there.

On turning centers, this manufacturing process is, however, still new and heimatec is the first manufacturer to offer tooling units for Fly Cutting on machining centers and thus enabling such highly-productive series manufacturing.

heimatec.FlyCutting processing is characterized by the best coordination of form and quality of toothing with the highest size accuracy. In connection with the quick-change system heimatec.easy-quick HT, with heimatec.FlyCutting quick tool change and thereby an efficient processing is made possible.

“heimatec.FlyCutting is the fastest and so the most productive procedure for industrial series manufacture of toothing.“

Key Features of heimatec.FlyCutting:

  • First series-capable tooling unit on the market for Fly Cutting on turning centers
  • Extremely high dimensional accuracy and size accuracy
  • In connection with the quick-change system, easy-quick HT enables highly-productive manufacture

heimatec Fly Cutting