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heimatec capto

Greater efficiency during retooling and setup times with quick-change system, heimatec.Capto™


With heimatec.Capto™, a further modular quick-change system is available to its product range, which considerably improves efficiency during retooling and setup. heimatec.Capto™ is extremely flexible and offers wide modularity, as well as high availability of interchangeable inserts for turning machines and machining centers.

heimatec capto

Wide range of heimatec.Capto™ standard and specialist tools

Coromant Capto® is an internationally distributed, modular fast change tool system, which can be used in all machine types. The special advantage is the substantial reduction of the retooling and setup times, whilst retaining high tool flexibility.

With heimatec.Capto™, heimatec is extending its range of modular, quick-change tool systems. As well as a wide range of standard tools with Capto® adapters, the heimatec.Capto™ program also offers a multitude of specific tool adapters with machine-optimized designs.

The modular heimatec.Capto™ quick-change system has a compact design with short projection lengths, which allows high cutting speeds to be achieved with the greatest possible tool flexibility. The heimatec.Capto™ fast change tool system is available for Capto sizes C3, C4, C5, C6 and C8.

heimatec only uses original Capto® components from the Sandvik company.


Advantages of the heimatec.Capto™ quick-change tooling system


For users of tools with Capto adapters, the heimatec.Capto™ quick-change tooling system offers a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Simplest handling and faster tool change
  • Highest possible accuracy and stability
  • High flexibility from wide modularity
  • Minimization of retooling costs
  • Pinpoint cooling from internal coolant supply

Find out more in our Product Video