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Thread production using the new tool unit for thread whirling from heimatec


heimatec is extending its product portfolio with its own tool unit for thread whirling. The tool unit for thread whirling has its own strengths in the manufacture of challenging threads. Designed for the manufacture of so-called “bone screws” made from titanium, which place greater demands upon finish quality and absence of burr, the tool unit for thread whirling can also be implemented for other thread working, such as, for example, implants, feed screws and other thread components.

Gradient angles of up to 25° on threads and a cutting diameter of up to 12 mm pose no problem to the heimatec toolg unit. Typically used on long part turning lathes, the precision tool manufacturer based in Ortenau, South West Germany also offers the tool unit for a variety of short part turning machinery. Manufacture of the thread occurs in a passageway and thereby increases productivity of the manufacturing process, when compared with other manufacturing processes.


A new quick-change system has been developed for the tool unit for thread whirling. Using this, interchangeable inserts may be exchanged with cutting inserts very quickly by operators from the rear of the tool unit. Interchangeable inserts are offered in a variety of diameters and lengths, as well as for different turning plate configurations.

Among others, the tool unit for thread whirling will be available from early 2024 for the following CITIZEN machines:

  • Cincom A20 
  • Cincom L12 
  • Cincom L20 
  • Cincom L32 
  • Cincom M(5)32

heimatec.Whirling is also available for turning machines from many other machinery manufacturers.

The highest quality and durability

The tool unit for thread whirling from heimatec distinguishes itself with its considerable longevity, as well as the highest possible workmanship. heimatec is thereby calling upon the best possible spindle bearing technology and polished drive components. Additionally, all housings and spindles have the maximum possible rigidity.