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Achieve higher cutting results with live tools from heimatec


Two solutions available

The desire to save time and the related cost benefits has always existed. However, in the past, lathes or the turrets mounted on them were limited in their maximum rotation speed and thus the cutting speeds that could be achieved.


In order to be able to produce higher quantities in a shorter time, attention was paid directly to the live tool and, where possible and sensible, speeders were designed and produced. Gear ratios up to 1:4 results in a speed increase of 48.000 rpm, so called High Speed.



Machine tools with higher rotation speed

In the meantime, there are some machine tools on the market with turrets that achieve higher rotation and thus higher cutting speeds. This adaptation results in higher requirements on the live tool units mounted on them. Wear parts such as bearings and seals are more stressed and must be replaced more frequently. Likewise, when using tools that are not designed for such high rotation, there is a risk that the gears of the tools will overheat, spindles will be used overstressed and, as a result, the tools will be damaged.

Precision tools with extra high rotation speed 

To counteract these problems, heimatec has adapted some products and designed them to be suitable for extra high rotation (rotation of up to 15,000 rpm).  Thus, axial drilling and milling heads as well as radial drilling and milling heads for selected machine manufacturers are already available with these specifications. In use by customers, these prove the design measures to achieve the high speeds with the expected wear and service life.

The advantage of the high-speed tools is that they also operate smoothly at lower rotation over the speed range available from the machine tool turret, allowing the tools to be used regardless of machine performance.